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Dumpster Rentals in Gig Harbor, WA

DTG provides dumpster rental solutions for all projects, large and small in Gig Harbor, WA. Choose from a variety of dumpster sizes.

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Dumpster Rentals for Every Project Type

Best-in-Class Gig Harbor Dumpster Rental Solutions


The perfect solution for your recycling needs.


Keep your worksite clean & safe with a roll-off dumpster rental.


No matter what your occasion, DTG takes stress out of the equation.

Other Projects

For renovations, yard waste, dig sites, & more, trust DTG to deliver.

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Dumpster Sizes For Every Project

DTG Small Dumpster

10-20 Yard Dumpster

A great size for yard waste.

20-30 Yard Dumpster

The perfect size for remodels & small construction projects.

DTG Large Dumpster

30-40 Yard Dumpster

Ideal for large remodels & shake roof tear offs.

DTG XLarge Dumpster

40+ Yard Dumpster

The best size for construction sites & demolition projects.

Decorative Border

accepted items

Accepted With A Fee

Some locations allow the disposal of these items for a fee. To find out what’s accepted in your area, give us a call at (425) 549-3000.

prohibited items

small-footprint containers

Need Something Smaller?

Our Swing and Mosquito Cans are small containers, dropped where you need them from a grapple truck. They’re great for new developments or any project where a full-size dumpster won’t work. Our trucks can service roughly five containers’ worth of material before they need to unload. Containers need to be placed within 20 feet of the street to be accessed and require overhead clearance to allow the crane and grapple to operate safely.
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Note: We reserve the right to provide the next comparable size should the size you request is not available.

Commercial Dumpster Rentals in Gig Harbor, WA

How is your construction project going? Even when the projects are your specialty, we know you need a partner when it comes to debris disposal. Dealing with all the work that comes with debris can be pretty stressful. DTG is your Gig Harbor dumpster rental partner for all your project needs.

We pride ourselves on being the most reliable local commercial and construction waste disposal company. If this is your first time renting a commercial roll-off dumpster, we have a team to help. For our veteran contractors, we’ve got the receptacle size you need for your projects.

dumpster rentals in Gig Harbor, WA
dumpster rentals in Gig Harbor, WA

Best Practices for Managing Construction Waste in Gig Harbor

At DTG, we swear by the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We are committed to diverting significant garbage from landfills and repurposing it through recycling. With our multiple recycling facilities, you can be confident that we have one close to you.

Our team will work with you to ensure we efficiently sort and dispose of construction debris. Our quality roll-off construction bins provide proper on-site storage.

We can help you save money by reusing materials and minimizing your construction project’s environmental impact. And finally, we will recycle materials whenever possible to ensure they do not end up in landfills.

Gig Harbor Dumpster Rental Cost

Our Gig Harbor dumpster rental services are affordable and reliable. We offer competitive yet reasonable pricing and flexible rental options to fit your needs. If you’re wondering, yes, we’ll help you determine the optimum container and bring it to your site quickly.

Do we charge any hidden fees? No! The dumpster rental estimate you get upfront is the final bill. Please speak with our office reps for personalized advice.

Why Do You Need a Dumpster Rental in Gig Harbor?

Consider renting a dumpster if you’re for renovations, landscaping projects, C&D work, or doing a large-scale cleanout. A residential roll-away dumpster can save time and money by providing safe and efficient waste disposal.

Our dumpsters have easy-to-use doors, making loading and unloading waste easy. We offer sizes suitable for private property use, including 10, 20, and 30-cubic yard containers.

Local and Ideal Commercial Waste Service for Your Business

If you run a business in Gig Harbor and need a permanent waste solution, we’ve got your back. DTG Recycling is the ideal commercial waste service for your business. We provide reliable and efficient waste collection services for businesses of all sizes.

Enjoy our services, which include recycling, waste disposal, and dumpster rentals. You can trust that our roll-off rental services are reliable and that we will always put your needs first.

Why DTG for Dumpster Rental?

At DTG, we are committed to providing eco-friendly waste management services to our customers. Furthermore, we aim always to offer accessible, affordable, and efficient roll-off rental services. We put your project needs first, whether you’re a contractor or commercial business looking for reliable waste removal solutions in Gig Harbor.

Perfect Dumpster Size Option

DTG offers a range of dumpster sizes to fit your specific needs. Our dumpster sizes start from 10 to 40 yards, making finding the perfect size for your project easy.


Our 10-to-20-cubic-yard dumpsters are perfect for small- to medium-sized projects. They are ideal for home remodeling, small-scale construction projects, and cleanouts. They are easy to load and unload and equipped with easy-to-use doors.

Additionally, this dumpster size category is perfect for heavy debris like concrete, shingles, and flooring material.


Our 20—to 30-yard dumpsters are perfect for medium—to large-sized projects. They are ideal for larger construction projects, home renovations, and commercial cleanouts.

Again, you can swing its doors open, walk in all the debris, or toss it over the edge.


We handle the big jobs and offer 30-40-yard bins. These are perfect for large-scale projects, including commercial construction, large-scale renovations, and industrial projects. Do you have a new construction project in Gig Harbor? Our skilled and personable drivers will bring the correct number of units for any project.

40+ Yards

Our 40+ yard dumpsters are the largest we offer and are perfect for the most significant projects. They are ideal for large commercial construction projects, industrial projects, and large-scale cleanouts. Whether starting a new construction or having a grand-scale demolition, this container is the ultimate choice.

Setting The Standards for Gig Harbor Dumpster Rental, WA.

Whether you’ve got typical home junk, construction debris, or industrial waste, we strive to exceed expectations. Wherever your project is in Gig Harbor, we’ll do our best to get there on time and haul the waste fast. Whether you need roll-off bins for personal projects, large construction, or industrial waste removal, we have a solution for every situation.

Our team of experts strives to provide you with the best possible service. Contact us today at (425) 549-3000 to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your next project.

We Believe In Clean.

DTG Team Members

Integrated in our practices. Ingrained in our culture.

As diverse as we are driven, it’s the people behind DTG that we’re most proud of. You’re invited to get to know us and see how we’re redefining the concept of a community partner.

the dtg standard

Since our humble beginnings in 1999, with just a single truck and a vision, DTG has emerged as the premier recycling and site services partner in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you’re a general contractor, manufacturer, or construction project manager, you can expect world-class customer support and personalized assistance every step of the way. With an unwavering commitment to a cleaner planet, we remain dedicated to going above and beyond your needs, delivering rock-solid reliability, flexible scheduling, fair pricing, and a variety of service offerings. That’s the DTG standard.

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How do I rent a dumpster from DTG?

It’s easy! Just follow these four steps.

  1. Complete the ‘Book Now’ form above.
  2. Remove obstacles. To avoid paying a trip fee, be sure to remove any vehicles, objects, or low-hanging obstructions from the delivery location.
  3. Fill your dumpster with debris. Keep in mind your included weight limit to avoid paying an overload fee.
  4. Schedule your dumpster pickup. As soon as you’re ready, we’ll come and haul away your dumpster. It must be easily accessible and only contain approved debris, piled no higher than the sidewalls, otherwise a trip fee will be charged.

Dumpster rental prices are determined by four factors

  • Debris type
  • Debris weight
  • Duration of rental
  • Rental location

The size of the dumpster does not affect the price. Contact us today for a quote!

Dumpsters must be placed on a level surface—we cannot drop a container on a steep incline. It must also not be near any low-hanging power lines. Locate an even space with a minimum of 3 feet of clearance on all sides of the dumpster, an unobstructed height of at least 10 feet, and an open front space of at least 34 feet for a service pickup. To lessen the chance of damage, we recommend covering or placing wood underneath your dumpster if a paved driveway is being used.
Typically, dumpster permits are necessary if you intend to place your dumpster container on a street, sidewalk, or other public property. A permit is not required if you’re placing it on your private property or the property of your business. When you place your order online, our team will walk you through the permitting process and help you find a suitable location for your dumpster rental.
We offer dumpster sizes ranging from 10 to 45 cubic yards. Most of our dumpster rentals are eight feet wide, making them suitable for most driveways.

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