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Customer Focused.
Planet Obsessed.

From recycling & hauling to portable bathrooms & dumpster rentals, we’re fixated on delivering first-class service with real sustainability.

REady to recycle?

World-Class Service Starts Here.

Dumpster Rentals & Roll-Offs

We’re not sure where the term “dumpster fire” came from, but we do know our dumpsters are fire. Made from Superman-level steel in a variety of sizes, a DTG dumpster delivery is the perfect way to prep your project for success.

General Recycling

If we were a high-ranking military official, that’d be our name: General Recycling. Consider us your partner in protecting the only planet we’ve got by relentlessly recycling everything we can.

Portable Bathrooms

Our portable bathrooms are so beloved, they receive “Dear John” letters. And hey, with a 10-point cleaning process, luxury upgrades, and world-class DTG service, what’s not to love?

We Believe In Clean.

DTG Team Members

Integrated in our practices. Ingrained in our culture.

As diverse as we are driven, it’s the people behind DTG that we’re most proud of. You’re invited to get to know us and see how we’re redefining the concept of a community partner.

Landscape Materials & Blower Truck

Transform your
outdoor oasis

DTG Does It All

Metal Buy-Back

Heavy metal belongs in hairspray-filled music videos, not our landfills. Bring us your scrap metal and we’ll weigh it, quote you a price, and pay you for it.

Certified Destruction

When you need it to no longer exist, bring it to us. Your old devices and private data never stood a chance.

E-Waste Recycling

A mountain of old MacBooks? Not on our watch. We’re taking the fight to e-waste by responsibly recycling phones, laptops, and more.


At DTG, we take your load and your breath away. Expect an expert team, ready-for-anything rigs, and always-fair pricing when you call for a haul.

Site Services

Sweeping. Snowplowing. Drywall scrapping. We’re addicted to providing the services you need for your project to succeed.

Community Events

Both innovative and important, a community recycling event is an excellent way to way to make an environmental impact—and we’ll help you do it.

the dtg standard

Since our humble beginnings in 1999, with just a single truck and a vision, DTG has emerged as the premier recycling and site services partner in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you’re a general contractor, manufacturer, or construction project manager, you can expect world-class customer support and personalized assistance every step of the way. With an unwavering commitment to a cleaner planet, we remain dedicated to going above and beyond your needs, delivering rock-solid reliability, flexible scheduling, fair pricing, and a variety of service offerings. That’s the DTG standard.

Dedicated Local Support

Unmatched Reliability

Flexible Scheduling

Full-Service Capability