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Stress-Free Recycling Services for Your Home Cleanup

We at DTG Recycle work hard to provide you hassle-free, comprehensive residential debris solutions for your recycling needs to keep your house clean. Whether you need to dispose of old papers, get rid of your used cardboard boxes, or dispose of your old electronic devices, we got you covered. With the preservation of our planet in mind, we make sure that our services are always in compliance with debris disposal regulations.

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Find the Right Recycling Service for Your Home Cleanout

At DTG Recycle, we provide simple solutions for your residential recycling needs to keep your home clean with minimal environmental impact. Whether you need to get rid of your old mattress, dispose of your used corrugated cardboards, or recycle your yard debris, we have the right solution for you. We offer the recycling services below at our facilities.

Battery Recycling

Are you planning to dispose of your used car batteries, old AAA batteries, or used LIPO tool batteries? DTG Recycle provides a hassle-free and safe way of battery disposal and recycling at competitive pricing just for you.

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Cardboard Recycling

DTG Recycle offers a stress-free solution to get your baled cardboard recycled. Through collecting and reprocessing used cardboard boxes and other cardboard packaging materials, such as tubes and cartons, we create new cardboard products which effectively helps conserve resources, reduce debris, and protect the environment.

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Electronics Recycling

Whether you have old phones, used printers, small accessories, and large appliances that you want to dispose of, we recycle e-scraps in a way that is safe for you.

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Glass Recycling

Do you have a huge amount of glass products in your workplace that you need to dispose of? You might be unsure what to do with them. Luckily for you, we got you covered. From jars to clean glass bottles, we can turn your used glass into new glass products through recycling.

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Mattress Recycling

Your old mattress most certainly won’t fit in your curbside recycling bin no matter how you roll it. The good news is that it can be recycled. Don’t stress yourself out about recycling your used mattress. Let our team handle it.

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Metal Recycling

We are committed to providing exceptional recycling services for steel, aluminum, copper, insulated copper wire (ICW), used beverage cans (UBC), and other metals to make it easier for you to dispose of and recycle your debris.

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Paper Recycling

Whether you want to get rid of used mixed papers, dispose of your old printing papers, or discard paperboards, our company provides a cost effective means of paper disposal and recycling service just for you.

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Plastic Recycling

As the global concern for plastic pollution continues to grow, the importance of recycling plastic increases. We are here to take care of both your plastic recycling requirements and the environment. We offer recycling service for plastic recycling codes 1 and 2.

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Styrofoam Recycling

At DTG Recycle, we provide Styrofoam recycling services that help reduce debris in landfills and protect our environment. Our team collects used Styrofoam and recycles them into pellets to create new products, resulting in the preservation of natural resources and energy.

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Yard Debris Recycling

Landscape and tree debris are common household debris. We are aware of the effort you put in to take care of your yard. Let us help you finish the job through responsible yard debris disposal and recycling so you can relax after caring for your yard.

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Get a quote for your residential recycling service needs, contact us today at (425) 549-4905. Whether you require a residential recycling drop-off or electronics recycling, we at DTG Recycle are committed to providing our customers with affordable and personalized recycling services and debris solutions that meet your unique requirements. See our Service Areas.