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Asphalt & Concrete

DTG offers advanced asphalt & concrete recycling services turning asphalt and concrete into materials for roads, driveways, and other construction applications, reducing costs and landfill waste, with drop-off options and competitive pricing since 1999.

We Recycle Asphalt and Concrete for You 

At DTG Recycle, we utilize advanced sorting technologies to recognize and efficiently sort materials. DTG Recycle has Asphalt and Concrete Recycling Centers all over Washington State. You may also drop off your debris at our locations. Contact us for a price quote. 

Since 1999, DTG Recycle has been providing asphalt and concrete recycling services for residential, commercial, and construction projects. As a leading company in construction and demolition debris recycling, we offer reliable debris management at competitive prices. Want to know which types of asphalt concrete are recyclable? On this page, we will tell you how to dispose of concrete, how concrete is recycled, and why you should recycle them. 

Types of Recyclable Concrete 

The following are examples of recyclable concrete. 

Concrete Rubble – These sizable and uneven heavy concrete fragments are commonly used as construction materials for walls and slabs in the creation of patios and walkways. 

Concrete Blocks – These blocks are frequently utilized in the construction of retaining walls or structural walls. 

Concrete Mix – This mixture is typically utilized for pouring driveways, setting fence posts, or establishing the foundation of a house. 

Concrete Chunks – Landscaping companies repurpose surplus concrete chunks from projects for applications such as roads and parking lots. 

Types of Recyclable Asphalt 

Porous Asphalt: allows water to penetrate and seep through the pavement, reducing the risk of flooding and enhancing water quality. 

Warm Mix Asphalt: produced at lower temperatures, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Cold Mix Asphalt: produced and applied at ambient temperatures, eliminating the need for heating and reducing energy consumption. 

Rubberized Asphalt: made with recycled rubber, improving pavement durability and reducing noise levels. 

Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP): made by reusing old asphalt pavement material, reducing debris, and conserving natural resources. 

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