Mission, Vision, Values

MISSION:  Relentlessly pursue new opportunities for repurposing waste through continuous innovation.

Our approach sets us apart by…

  • Providing exceptional integrated services that make it easier for customers to recycle and quantify their impact
  • Embracing the challenge of finding new opportunities in difficult to recycle materials
  • Fostering a culture of creativity and pride through pioneering employee engagement

VISION:  Maximize impact by offering comprehensive services and products

We do this by…

  • Vertically integrating waste management and recycling services
  • Engaging with our customers to understand their challenges and address their needs
  • Leveraging technology to provide transparency, increase efficiency, and drive engagement
  • Partnering with the community to further environmental stewardship and education

VALUES: Performance makes a difference

We value new ideas, open communications, authenticity, and results.

Intentions: We are purpose-driven.
Solutions: We disrupt to solve problems.  We are needle movers.
Conduct: The way we treat people matters.  They deserve our best.
Impact: The more we dothe greater the outcomes.  Go for it.