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Responsible E-Cycling for Your Sports Stadium Equipment

At DTG Recycle, we acknowledge the importance of embracing cutting-edge technologies in sports stadium equipment. We are dedicated to assisting you in responsibly recycling your old metal-halide lamps, concession devices, cameras, radar equipment, and other electronic e-scrap. As long as your electronics contain over 70% metal or have a cord connection, we can recycle them for you. Our unwavering commitment to responsible and sustainable electronics recycling, along with compliance with relevant laws, guarantees the secure handling of your electronic equipment.

At DTG Recycle, we want to help you save time, money, and most importantly, our environment. We offer FREE business pickups for qualified E-Scrap over 500lbs. Pickup charges apply to residential loads.

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Embrace the Future of Sports Stadiums and Stay Ahead with Eco-Friendly Upgrades

In the dynamic realm of sports stadium equipment, staying ahead with cutting-edge technology is paramount. However, as older equipment becomes outdated, responsible recycling becomes vital to minimize e-scrap and its adverse environmental impacts. At DTG Recycle, we specialize in managing e-scrap from sports stadiums, paving the way for a greener future. By partnering with us, you not only contribute to environmental preservation but also upgrade to the latest stadium technology, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for your audience.

Point-of-Sale Equipment

Traditional cash registers and card readers have been replaced with more advanced and efficient digital payment systems. These newer systems offer faster transactions and enhanced security features, making the older equipment less effective and less secure.

Concession Devices

Older microwaves and similar concession devices may lack the latest safety features and energy-saving capabilities found in newer models. Recycling them allows for more environmentally friendly alternatives to be used, reducing energy consumption and potential hazards.

Video and Still Cameras

Advances in camera technology have led to the development of higher-resolution and more versatile cameras. Outdated equipment may not meet the demands of modern broadcasting and video recording, making recycling a more practical option.

Radar Equipment

As technology evolves, radar systems have improved in accuracy and functionality. Recycling older radar equipment allows for the adoption of newer, more sophisticated radar systems that better serve the needs of sports venues.

Automatic Pitching Machines

Outdated automatic pitching machines may lack the customization and precision features found in newer models. Recycling them makes way for more advanced pitching machines that can better accommodate training needs.

Microphones and Loudspeakers

Older microphones and loudspeakers may not offer the same clarity and sound quality as newer, more advanced audio equipment. Recycling them enables the integration of cutting-edge audio technology for an improved spectator experience.

Stadium Digital Displays

Traditional incandescent lamps on scoreboards are being phased out in favor of LED or similar displays. LED displays offer brighter visuals, higher energy efficiency, and longer lifespans, making them more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Why Choose DTG Recycle for Your Sports Stadiums Equipment Recycling?

Trusted Electronic Recycling Specialists

As an electronics recycling company, we hold certifications such as RESPONSIBLE RECYCLING© R2v3, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 9001:2015. Our focus is on responsible and sustainable electronic recycling, ensuring that the services we provide are environmentally friendly. We also offer Certified Data Destruction solutions to assist businesses and organizations in safeguarding sensitive information contained within their devices. Our data destruction service options include multiple techniques, effectively eliminating any potential data breaches.

DISCLAIMER. All the certifications mentioned on this webpage is through 1 Green Planet.

Comprehensive Data Destruction Solutions

Our data destruction service prioritizes security and compliance. We employ secure techniques such as data erasure, degaussing, conical punch, and shredding. These measures enable companies to meet specific requirements, maintain compliance with legal standards, and adhere to industry regulations such as HIPAA, FACTA, and many more using NIST 800-88, NSA, and the Department of Defense suggested methods.

Secure Recycling Procedures

We prioritize the security of our e-cycling process. Our certification guarantees a secure Chain of Custody throughout the entire process, which includes consultation, pick-up, transportation, processing, and certification.