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Reliable Solution to Your Old Electronic Products

We at DTG Recycle have a mission to make simple sustainable solutions for your old electronic items. We want to help you save time, money, and most importantly, our environment. We have taken up the challenge of forging a better path forward. Together, let’s create a future where ethics and convenience coexist harmoniously, ensuring a healthier planet for generations to come. We offer FREE business pickups for qualified E-Scrap over 500lbs. Pickup charges apply to residential loads.

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As a zero landfill electronics recycling company, DTG Recycle disposes and recycles your electronics in compliance with the industry regulations. With over 2 decades of experience, you are sure to receive a reliable and eco-friendly electronic recycling service.

1. Timely On-site Collection Service

We provide convenient on-site collection services where our skilled team will visit your location to pick up your end-of-life equipment or recycling collection bins and totes, ensuring the utmost security and care for your assets and data throughout the entire process.

Secure Transportation

Transporting sensitive electronic recyclables requires meticulous handling, and our trained asset handlers are well-equipped to handle this task. We take full responsibility for the logistics of pick up and delivery, guaranteeing the safe arrival of your electronics.

Comprehensive Sorting

Given the diverse composition of e-scrap, including plastics, glass, metals, and more, efficient resource recovery involves several meticulous steps. Electronics undergo initial manual sorting, while certain items are shredded to facilitate efficient retrieval of reusable materials. Electronic items unsuitable for shredding, such as batteries or hazardous materials, are handled separately.

2. Sustainable Product Refurbishment

Refurbishing entails restoring mostly functional products through necessary servicing or part replacement, offering a sustainable option to keep usable items out of landfills and in the hands of those in need.

Secure Data Destruction before Reuse

Before relaunching electronics into the market, we ensure secure removal of any data. To safeguard personal and confidential information while diverting electronic products from landfills, we offer various compliant methods and levels of data destruction. Utilizing the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s sanitization process, we completely remove data from readable drives, while damaged drives are securely shredded.

3. Dismantlement

Electronic items are efficiently reduced in size through shredding or crushing, breaking them into fragments for further separation. Magnets are employed to extract steel and iron, while other methods segregate non-metallic materials from metals like aluminum, brass, or copper.


Each material type is sold or transported to other recyclers once properly sorted and cleaned. This leads to the production of new products.

Reliable Reporting

In the final step, we provide comprehensive reporting on the assets removed from your business, detailing the processing procedures, timing, and issuing a certificate of recycling or destruction for full transparency.