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Certified E-Cycling for the Hospitality Industry

Whether you’re running a hotel or a resort, we understand the importance of upgrading your electronic equipment to ensure optimal functionality and convenience for your guests. From surveillance cameras to credit card readers, we can recycle them as long as your electronic items consist of more than 70% metal or has a cord connected to it. This encompasses a wide range of equipment.

At DTG Recycle, we want to help you save time, money, and most importantly, our environment. We offer FREE business pickups for qualified E-Scrap over 500lbs. Pickup charges apply to residential loads.

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Ensure the Comfort and Safety of Your Guests while Going Green

Maintaining the comfort and safety of guests is a top priority in the hospitality industry. Whether you work in a hotel, resort, or restaurant, two key objectives are to safeguard your visitors and their belongings while providing a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Moreover, top hotels are under greater pressure than ever to offer their guests access to business centers with computers. The older models are constantly changed because hotels also seek to offer the best and newest computer systems. Fortunately, these e-scrap can be recycled.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are important equipment especially in hotels, resorts, and restaurants where a lot of people are coming in and go. Every six months, the security industry’s technology evolves, and more people are choosing IP technology over analog. Analog will eventually become outdated; it’s a fact of technology. We’ll assist you with recycling any outdated security camera systems you have.

Facility Exit Signs

Facility exit signs play a crucial role in emergency situations, enabling a quick and safe evacuation. To ensure their functionality during power outages or other unforeseen circumstances, exit signs often include backup batteries. LED lights and other energy-saving options are increasingly replacing traditional incandescent bulbs, which are less reliable and efficient.

POS Credit Card Readers

POS credit card readers are being upgraded to accommodate the new security mechanism implemented by banks. Chip cards require specific readers to scan the embedded microchip and encrypt user account information. With the widespread use of chip cards and growing concerns about data breaches, retailers and providers are embracing this technology, resulting in the disposal of outdated devices as e-scrap.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are now offered by automobile rental businesses to enhance guest safety and convenience. The technology continuously improves in terms of speed, accuracy, and efficiency, leading to the release of updated versions.

Additional Electronic Hotel Amenities

Additional electronic hotel amenities, such as lighting, televisions, kitchen appliances, alarm clocks, Wi-Fi accessibility, charging docks, and air conditioning, contribute to guests’ comfort and satisfaction. Upgrading these equipment require proper disposal.

Why Choose DTG Recycle for Your Hospitality Equipment Recycling?

Trusted Electronic Recycling Specialists

As an electronics recycling company, we hold certifications such as RESPONSIBLE RECYCLING© R2v3, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 9001:2015. Our focus is on responsible and sustainable electronic recycling, ensuring that the services we provide are environmentally friendly. We also offer Certified Data Destruction solutions to assist businesses and organizations in safeguarding sensitive information contained within their devices. Our data destruction service options include multiple techniques, effectively eliminating any potential data breaches.

DISCLAIMER. All the certifications mentioned on this webpage is through 1 Green Planet.

Comprehensive Data Destruction Solutions

Our data destruction services prioritize security and compliance. We employ secure techniques such as data erasure, degaussing, conical punch, and shredding. These measures enable companies to meet specific requirements, maintain compliance with legal standards, and adhere to industry regulations such as HIPAA, FACTA, and many more using NIST 800-88, NSA, and the Department of Defense suggested methods.

Secure Recycling Procedures

We prioritize the security of our electronic recycling process. Our certification guarantees a secure Chain of Custody throughout the entire process, which includes consultation, pick-up, transportation, processing, and certification.