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Our Recycling Bin Program

We at DTG Recycle have a Recycling Bin Program to facilitate the responsible disposal of unwanted electronics, making it a hassle-free disposal solution for you and your business. We provide the convenience of delivering a rolling cart or a collection bin to your location. Alternatively, we can accommodate pickups based on your preferred schedule. Our flexible pickup options make it an ideal solution for various scenarios, such as the following:

  • Company moves
  • Prototype destruction
  • Recycling drives
  • Tech upgrades

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Electronic Item Containers for Your Specific Needs

We provide a range of options to cater to your specific needs.

Rolling Carts/Bins

Our durable carts measure 30″ W x 40″ L x 33″ H and are designed to effortlessly navigate through office doorways and hallways. They offer flexibility in terms of mobility, allowing them to be easily moved around to accommodate your business recycling requirements.

Collection Tote

Designed for robust usage, this heavy-duty collection bin measures 40”W x 48”L x 46”H (including pallet height) and is specifically designed to be positioned in warehouse or loading dock areas. Its sturdy construction can withstand the demands of such environments, making it an ideal choice for efficient collection in construction sites.

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Get a quote for your electronics recycling bin needs, contact us today at (425) 549-4905. Our team at DTG Recycle is happy to cater to all of your electronic recycling requirements. Whether you require electronics recycling pickup, e-cycling drop-off, secure data destruction, an ITAD service, or secure product destruction, we are committed to providing our customers with affordable and personalized recycling solutions that meet their unique requirements.