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Bark & Mulch Blowing for Landscapes, Playgrounds & more

Blower Truck Services

  • Two Service Options:
    • Option A – The operator and an assistant will apply the material. They will also clean the treated area with a backpack blower. (Weather may affect this process.)
    • Option B – The operator and an assistant will apply the material only. The customer is responsible for the cleanup of the treated area.
  • 10 cubic yard minimum with 2″ minimum depth for application
  • Calculate the Cubic Yardage needed
  • 150-foot hose for harder-to-reach places. We also have a 200-300-foot capacity hose.
  • Materials Available: Clearview Red Mulch, Dark Mulch, Double-Screened Dark Mulch, Sof’Fall, Hem / Fir Fines, Wood Chip Mulch, Blower Soil
  • See our Pricing

DTG Recycle services Snohomish County and parts of North King County. Our long-reach hoses greatly reduce damage to surface grades and minimize disruption of new plantings. Finished jobs are evenly covered and neatly finished. All you need to do is prepare the areas by weeding and having them free of unwanted materials. Check out our service areas and give us a call if you need on-time delivery and professional installation of bark materials.

What are Our Options for Bark Blower Truck Services?

At DTG Recycle, we offer two service options for you.

  1. Option AThe mulch material is applied by the operator and an assistant. A backpack blower is used to clean the treated area as well. Take note that wet weather conditions may prevent us from cleaning the residue on your plants, foundations, sidewalks, driveways, or curbs.
  2. Option BThe mulch material is applied by the operator and an assistant. However, you are in charge of cleaning the treated area.

What are Our Available Mulch Materials for Bark Blowing Services?

  • Dark MulchMade from pine and spruce bark, our Dark Mulch is a naturally rich, dark chocolate brown mulch. It has a dense consistency, a fine texture, and a size range of 1-3″. It keeps soil moisture and prevents weed growth. Our dark mulch is the ideal landscaping ground cover for your pathways, sidewalks, play areas, driveways, and natural areas. For more contrast and a stand-out appearance, you can layer it around plants in garden beds.
  • Clearview Red Mulch In addition to having all the advantages of bark, our Clearview Red Mulch retains its color for a longer period. Made from clean lumber, Clearview Red Mulch is dye-tested and safe for children and pets. You also get extra benefits such as slope retention, and excellent weed control, and is made from recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.
  • Double-Screened Dark Mulch Our Double-Screened Dark Mulch is similar to our dark mulch but has a finer texture. Our double-screened dark mulch is screened to ½” minus to have a finer texture. Similar to our Clearview Red Mulch, it is made from recycled products, stumps, and brush.
  • Sof’Fall Sof’Fall is an engineered wood fiber surfacing created especially for play areas. Your children can play on a secure and accessible surface thanks to the wood fiber’s creation of a loose fill surface that “knits” together. Sof’Fall has the highest fall protection of any play surface at a fall height protection of 25 feet.
  • Hem / Fir FinesMade from ground hemlock/fir wood, Hem / Fir Fines is a great sawdust substitute. It is screened to ½” minus and is great for use as a ground cover, potting mix additive, or animal bedding.
  • Wood Chip Mulch Wood chips include chipped, shredded, or ground-up pieces of wood. Our wood chip mulch is a fantastic source of nutrients for your compost pile or soil. Wood chips also prevent topsoil erosion, limit weed growth, and retain water in the soil, making it an excellent way to stop mud development in your garden.
  • Blower SoilOur Blower Soil helps create more drainage for your lawn. Due to this, our clients frequently use it for hydroseeding and lawns with a distribution of part Olympic Garden Compost and part sand.

See more mulch materials we offer.

At DTG Recycle, you can expect to find the perfect bark and mulch products to further enhance the beauty of your landscapes as well as reliable bark blowing service. We take pride in upholding customer-employee relationships. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ satisfaction with our work. Check out our service areas and give us a call at (425) 534-7055 if you need on-time delivery and professional installation of bark materials.

To calculate the amount of mulch material you need for your project, use our handy Yardage Calculator and see our Pricing.

What Kinds of Preparations Should You Do Before Bark Blowing Service?

  • Be on-site before starting the application of mulch materials on your landscape.
  • Close all of your doors and windows, cover water features, and remove breakable items from patios or walkways before our arrival.
  • Cover or remove your patio furniture if you have any.
  • Clean your areas or beds to ready them for bark product application.
  • Clean up all pet excrement in areas being treated.
  • Secure all of your pets for their safety and the safety of our crew.
  • Move your vehicles for easier access to parking and to prevent dust on your vehicles.
  • Avoid using pre-emergent at least one week before our bark blowing service.

Why Hire a Bark Blower Truck from DTG Recycle?

  • Dedicated Customer ServiceWe value our relationships with customers above all else and put your needs first. We offer reliable bark blowing solutions based on your property’s needs. DTG Recycle will be there for you, from the installation of our bark blowers to exceptional cleanup services after the job is finished.
  • Superior Quality Bark and Mulch ProductsWe only use the highest quality bark mulch for your landscape. Our bark mulch products prevent weed growth, maintain soil moisture, increase soil fertility, and control topsoil erosion.
  • Various Bark and Mulch Material Options We supply a collection of premium bark and mulch materials in a variety of colors to cater to your different landscaping styles.
  • Reliable Bark ApplicationBy working with DTG Recycle, you are sure to get an expert team that is knowledgeable about the most reliable bark blowers. Our team can blow mulch from inconvenient hills, hard-to-reach trees, garden beds, and shrubs.
  • Upgraded Landscape Appearance – With our bark blowing services, the overall appearance of your gardens, driveways, pathways, sidewalks, and play areas will significantly improve. A variety of our mulch products are utilized in garden beds to give color, texture, and aesthetic appeal to your landscapes.

How Much Does Bark Blowing Cost?

Our cost includes the delivery and installation of mulch material as well as 150 feet of hose. Our 150-foot hose is used for hard-to-reach areas of your landscape. We also use our 200-300-foot capacity hose depending on your property’s needs. Please keep in mind that all of our prices are subject to change without notice.

See our Retail Price List.

Check out our other mulch materials available.

Additional Charges

Extra fees will be charged for the following:

  • Tree ring/well
  • $30 per each additional hose over 150′ with a maximum of 300′
  • Set up and moves for Apartments, Condos, HOAs
  • Zone 2 delivery pricing
  • A split delivery fee of $60 for each additional location within 2 block radius
  • Fuel surcharge

NOTE: Cancellation fee includes $150 for orders canceled with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Statistics on Bark Blowing Service

Bark Blower Truck saves about 30% to 60% Mulch material

In contrast to hand labor, the amount of mulch saved when using a bark blower truck ranges from 30% to an astonishing 60%. 1

Calculate the Cubic Yardage Needed

Calculate how many yards you need for your project using our brand-new Yardage Calculator. Take note that we have a minimum of 10 cubic yards and a minimum coverage of 2″ depth for bark mulch application.

NOTE: Cost is calculated per cubic yard. For example, for an area of 50′ by 35′ with coverage at a 2” depth, you would get a calculation of 10.8 cubic yards. Depending on the service you would like, we would either round this number to 10 or 11 cubic yards. In case you want to increase the coverage to 3″ depth, the calculation would equate to 16.2 cubic yards which we would round to 16 cubic yards, and so on.

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Yardage Calculator
Total yards Needed
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Need a Quote? Contact Us for Bark Blowing Service Prices

To get a quote for your bark and mulch blowing service needs, contact us today at (425) 534-7055. Whether you require reliable delivery and professional installation of our bark materials, our team at DTG Recycle is committed to providing our customers with expert service at affordable prices and in a very timely manner.

Bark Blower Truck Service Area

DTG Recycle offers professional and reliable Bark Mulch Blowing Services near you.

Our Service Area:

FAQs for Bark Blowing Service

Where to hire a bark blower?

You can hire reliable bark blowers at DTG Recycle. We offer responsive, on-demand scheduling, professional bark blowing services, and high-quality bark mulch products in various colors. Find out if your location is included in our service areas.

How much notice is required to request blower truck service?

Depending on the season, our trucks can be booked out. Feel free to give us a call and we can squeeze you in as soon as possible!

What's the maximum capacity of the blower trucks?

It can be anywhere from 15 to 60 cubic yards, depending on material weight. Call us at (509) 519-1610 with your project!

How do I determine how much bark I will need?

Our bark products are sold per cubic yard. One cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet. The average bark bag has 2 cubic feet. Therefore, it takes 13 1/2 bags to equal 1 cubic yard when you buy bark in bags. We recommend you put down 3″ first and then add more periodically as it breaks down.

How far can the blower truck's hose reach?

150 feet is included in standard pricing. However, each truck carries between 200 and 300 feet capacity hose.

Do I need to rake out the mulch after bark blowing service?

No, there’s no need to rake out the mulch after our bark blowing service. We make sure that our finished job is neat and uniform. We also blow underneath trees and shrubs, which is something you would never think to do by hand.

Does bark blowing harm plants?

No, our bark blowing service is safe for your plants. Our operators adjust the machine’s speed and volume so that they can maneuver mulch carefully around your more delicate plants. Our mulch materials also contain no chemicals. Rather, they are mostly made from recycled organic materials.

How do mulch blower trucks work?

Our mulch blowers are large diesel-powered machines pulled behind a truck. An interior conveyor and airlock system feeds the loaded mulch material toward a hopper, which sends it to a hose. The mulch is blown through the hose by the force of high-velocity air. Our operator accurately controls the mulch dispersion by adjusting the speed of the mulch blowing using a remote that can be worn as a belt. Applying different types of mulch materials requires varying levels of air pressure and adjusting for different moisture levels and mulch types.

Which is better: Mulch Blowing or Hand Mulching?

Mulch blowing is more cost-effective than manual mulching because it only takes a few individuals to do the job. The blower machine reduces material costs by breaking up material clumps as it feeds mulch via the hose using rotating paddles. Mulch blowers spread mulch materials more quickly than someone using a wheelbarrow and a shovel, which decreases labor costs.

How long does bark last?

The lifespan of bark can range from two to three years, depending on its size and the quantity of the initial application. Typically, the first to deteriorate and turn into a soil amendment is the bottom layer. Some of our clients renew every year because they enjoy the appearance and smell of fresh bark.

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