Kristina Joseph was hired about a year ago as operations supervisor of DTG’s portable restroom division. She previously worked for another restroom contractor as an inside salesperson; DTG just happened to be one of her accounts!

“DTG called me and wanted to meet to talk about starting a restroom division,” Joseph says. “I was extremely surprised, even shocked.” Joseph says her previous experience informs how the division operates, as well as her expectations for customer service. She believes portable sanitation is seriously undervalued, considering the amount of work it takes to get the jobs done.

DTG Recycle is extremely proud of Kristina, and it isn’t a surprise that she has been recognized by PRO – Portable Restroom Operation magazine for her professionalism and dedication to DTG’s mission and values. Kristina expects the business to keep growing. One of her goals is 12,000 services a week within three years, up from around 450 currently!

“I know that’s a huge jump, but I have it mapped out,” she says. “It’s a big goal, but the market is there. I think western Washington is growing enough that there’ll be even more need for portable sanitation — and we’ll be here to meet that need.”

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