DTG Recycle and Granite (NYSE:GVA) announced today the signing of an agreement for Granite to operate the Anderson Rock Quarry at the DTG Recycle Sustainability Park in Yakima, WA.

Granite will have the exclusive right to mine and manufacture aggregate and asphalt at the facility. “We are excited Granite will run the quarry operation, and we know their commitment to the Yakima community will help us continue to responsibly produce aggregate for local development and maintenance.”— Tom Vaughn, CEO

The DTG Recycle Sustainability Park is home to the Summitview Landfill, Cowiche Canyon Recycling Facility, and Anderson Rock Quarry. Since 1983, the facility has been a key producer of valuable rock needed by local industry. Various grades of rock produced at the facility are used for road construction and repair, residential and commercial building construction, landscaping, and other applications integral to the development and upkeep of the Yakima community.