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Certified & Secure Destruction of Your Products

At DTG Recycle, our process of product destruction ensures that your unwanted merchandising products, used microfilms, or old electronic devices never find their way back into the market, where they could potentially harm consumers or damage the reputation of your company. With over 2 decades of experience, DTG Recycle offers secure product destruction as well as protect the credibility of your brand and business.

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Secure Destruction of Your Products

When you entrust us with the safe and thorough destruction of your products or equipment, we guarantee the security of your products and the protection of your brand’s reputation. Our meticulous processes ensure that faulty, substandard, or excess stock will never reach the market, safeguarding both consumers and your brand. Moreover, we provide a Certificate of Destruction (COD) that serves as a release of liability, offering you the necessary documentation to demonstrate that the items have been properly disposed of. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your products and reputation are in secure hands.

Our Product Destruction Methods

We understand that every business has unique requirements, which is why we offer tailored methods to meet your individual needs. Whether you need to dispose of overstock, defective items, or returned products while ensuring they stay off the market, we have suitable solutions. Our product destruction methods allow us to efficiently demanufacture projects, regardless of their size. Listed below are some examples:

Product Recalls

Recalled products necessitate specific measures to demonstrate compliance with the recall process while ensuring environmentally-friendly destruction. We offer a solution that includes the proper disposal of recalled items. Our Certificate of Destruction serves as proof that the products have been effectively and responsibly destroyed, meeting both regulatory requirements and environmental standards. With our services, you can be assured that recalled items are handled appropriately and with full compliance.

Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products present significant safety concerns as they are often constructed using subpar materials or fail to meet necessary safety standards. These items may be confiscated by authorities or gain public attention due to associated problems. Additionally, counterfeit products infringe upon copyrights and undermine brand integrity. Our methods guarantee thorough destruction, effectively eliminating the potential for further harm or misuse. By utilizing our services, you can be confident in mitigating any potential risks and protecting both consumer safety and your brand’s reputation.

Defective Products

The destruction of defective products ensures that faulty items are prevented from entering the resale market, minimizing potential hazards to the public. Furthermore, it aids in avoiding litigation that may arise from the use of unsound items. Our services involve complete destruction of these products, while adhering to all government and environmental regulations. By entrusting us with this process, you can rest assured that defective products will be effectively and responsibly disposed of, providing peace of mind for your business and customers alike.

Distribution Center Overstock

Excessive inventory can impose significant financial burdens on businesses, resulting in both monetary loss and resource wastage. Storing and maintaining this surplus does not make practical sense, and companies often resort to selling the excess inventory as B-stock at substantial discounts. However, this approach can potentially diminish the brand’s value in the eyes of the public.

At DTG Recycle, we offer a solution that ensures an eco-friendly and safe destruction of overstock. By availing our services, you can safeguard your brand and business’ credibility. We recognize the importance of mitigating risks associated with excess inventory, both in terms of environmental impact and brand integrity. Trust us to dispose of your overstock responsibly, minimizing any potential negative implications for the environment and your business.

Safe Product Destruction Service For Your Every Need

We at DTG Recycle offer a wide range of product and equipment destruction services tailored to businesses across various industries. We understand the importance of thorough destruction at all levels, ensuring complete disposal of products. Here are some examples of the product destruction needs we cater to:

  • Consumer goods, electronics, TVs, and radios
  • Distribution center overstock items
  • Electronics, hard drives, memory sticks, and IT assets
  • Films, microfilms, and tape reels
  • Laptops, desktop computers, cell phones, and tablets
  • Medical devices and laboratory machinery
  • Merchandising products
  • Power supplies, batteries, and scanners
  • Toys, tools, and sporting goods
  • T-Shirts, plaques, and trophies

Our comprehensive services ensure that all of these products are thoroughly and responsibly destroyed, mitigating any potential risks and maintaining compliance with environmental regulations. Trust us to handle the destruction of your diverse range of products and equipment with utmost care and efficiency.

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