PRO – Portable Restroom Operator magazine recognizes one of DTG’s own, Kristina Joseph!

Kristina Joseph was hired about a year ago as operations supervisor of DTG’s portable restroom division. She previously worked for another restroom contractor as an inside salesperson; DTG Recycle just happened to be one of her accounts!

“DTG called me and wanted to meet to talk about starting a restroom division,” Joseph says. “I was extremely surprised, even shocked.”

DTG is extremely proud of Kristina. She has taken the Portable Restroom division to a new level and expects the business to keep growing. One of her goals is 12,000 services a week within three years, up from around 450 currently! Kristina goes on to say, “I know that’s a huge jump, but I have it mapped out. It’s a big goal, but the market is there. I think western Washington is growing enough that there’ll be even more need for portable sanitation — and we’ll be here to meet that need.”

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