DTG Recycle: Turning Debris into Useable Products with Peterbilt’s from PacLease

To keep DTG moving and recycling, the company relies on a fleet of more than 100 trucks. With the vast majority on a full-service lease from PacLease, DTG Recycling is able to
conserve their cash flow, while allowing them to continue to expand.

There is an old saying: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

“Full-service leasing does several things for us. It conserves our cash flow, allowing us to continue to expand, and we get new equipment that is spec’d exactly the way we want it.” — Jake Petty, DTG Service Manager

For DTG Recycle, translated, that means one company’s scrap building materials, and another’s debris from building teardowns, means recycled goods and less waste in landfills. “DTG has found success in helping customers with materials that are traditionally difficult to recycle,” said Ryan Jackman, Director of Marketing for Seattle, WA area-based DTG Recycle. “We provide integrated recycling services for commercial, industrial, and construction clients by collecting and processing their waste, and turning the recovered materials into innovative products.”

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