DTG RECYCLE secures new credit facility with Comerica Bank to bolster expansion, innovation. Comerica Bank will support DTG’s merger and acquisition activity, as well as helping develop new recycling technologies and end markets for recovered materials.

MILL CREEK, WA, USA, October 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — DTG Recycle (“DTG” or “the Company”), a leading solid waste hauling and recycling company with operations concentrated in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington State, announced today the recent closing of a new credit facility with Comerica Bank. The Company focuses on the collection, recycling, and beneficial re-use of material from commercial, construction, and industrial customers. The credit facility is configured to support DTG’s active M&A activity and further advance the work of DTG’s Innovation Group that is developing new recycling technologies and end-markets for recovered materials. Comerica Bank’s dedicated environmental services practice, one of the largest environmental lenders in the United States, now includes DTG among its client relationships in the sector.

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