DTG Recycle in Blue Book Building and Construction

November 13, 2019 – Mill Creek – DTG Recycle has appeared in Blue Book Network Magazine’s 2019 Fall/Winter issue for Building and Construction. The cover story, “The Art of Recycling the Unrecyclable” delves into the planet-obsessed mission of DTG to innovate on how to keep difficult-to-recycle materials out of landfills. Below is an excerpt of the article:

DTG Recycle (DTG) is on a mission: to achieve zero landfill for its clients, today and every day.

The company recycles construction and demolition debris and industrial and manufacturing waste for customers in the Seattle/Tacoma metropolitan area. With headquarters in Mill Creek, Washington, DTG’s expansive network of recycling facilities spans the Puget Sound area, from Tacoma to Everett. Customers are never more than 10 miles from a DTG facility.

DTG’s clients include demolition contractors, large residential and multifamily construction companies and Seattle’s iconic retail and industrial manufacturers. “We love finding clients as planet-obsessed as we are,” says Tom Vaughn, CEO of the company. Founder Dan Guimont started DTG in 1999 “with a truck and a dream,” collecting drywall scrap from newly constructed houses. That lone truck was his own; that dream was to find a better way to deal with the construction site waste he encountered on a daily basis in his previous work.

Today, DTG is the largest owner of designated recycling facilities in King County, with locations in Maltby, Redmond, Renton, Seattle, Tacoma and Woodinville, as well as a dedicated gypsum recycling facility also in Maltby. The business has more than 250 employees and owns 1,500-plus roll-off containers and recycling containers and a large fleet of end-dump trailers, side dump trailers, wood chip trailers, walking floor trailers, belt trailers and flatbed trailers.

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