Congratulations! We are proud to announce that DTG Enterprises, Inc has received the 2022 Fleet Safety Award as the Dump Truck Fleet of the Year!

This award is given out by the Washington State Patrol and in coordination with the Washington Truck Associations.

The award is based on a company’s official SMS safety score, crash rate, miles driven in a year, number of company vehicles, matched with number of company drivers operating commercial vehicles, and number and type of violations on inspections. DTG falls in the catagory for companies that drive less than 5 million miles a year.

There are currently 45 active trucking companies in the WTA Dump Truck Conference that we are compared with. Due to DTG’s implementation of its robust safety program we have seen a steady improvement of safety performance among the fleet. This is a testament to the dedication and commitment from both management and drivers alike to make the DTG fleet a class of its own.