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Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Center

Comprehensive Recycling Services for Your C&D Debris

We at DTG Recycle work hard to provide you stress-free, comprehensive business debris solutions to keep your construction site clean. Whether you need to dispose of concrete, get rid of used drywalls or Sheetrock, or dispose of asphalt, we got you covered. With the preservation of our planet in mind, we make sure that our services are always in compliance with debris disposal regulations.

Find out which recycling service you need for your construction site. Check out our service areas and give us a call today!

Recycling Solutions and Environmental Services for Your Construction Site

Level up your construction debris removal solutions with our reliable recycling services. Working with our clients, we offer simple solutions that increase your construction site productivity while protecting the environment. From porta potty rentals to large dumpsters of different sizes, we ensure you’re meeting the needs of your workers while improving your operational efficiency.

Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling

Are you working on a small or large construction project? Do you have a lot of construction debris that you want to get rid of? DTG Recycle has the right solution for you. We offer recycling services for various construction and demolition debris such as concrete, asphalt, roofing, drywall or sheetrock, wood, crushed rock, dirt, and bricks.

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Porta Potty Rental

DTG Recycle is the go-to sanitation partner for any type of construction project. From high rise porta potty rental to crane hook porta potty rental service, we got you covered.

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Roll Off Dumpster Rental

We offer both lidded and open-top, temporary roll-off dumpster rentals of different sizes that are ideal for a variety of construction and demolition projects.

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Sustainability Service

At DTG Recycle, we have a Sustainability Manager and a LEED’s Administrative Assistant to meet all your projects’ requirements. We are passionate about minimizing environmental impact and committed to helping customers meet their sustainability goals.

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Need a Quote? Contact Us for Construction and Demolition Recycling Service Prices

Get a quote for your construction and demolition recycling and debris service needs, contact us today at (425) 549-4905. Whether you require roll off dumpster rental, porta potty rental, or sustainability service, we at DTG Recycle are committed to providing our customers with affordable and personalized recycling services and debris solutions that meet your unique requirements. See our Service Areas.

FAQs for Construction & Demolition Recycling and Debris Solutions

How do I get rid of concrete?

Renting a temporary roll off dumpster is the most common and simplest way to dispose of your concrete. For the majority of construction projects that generate concrete debris, we recommend renting our 40 yard roll-off dumpster.

Renting a roll-off dumpster from DTG Recycle is simple. Simply check for availability in your location, select your service dates, choose your debris type, and book your dumpster rental.

How to recycle construction and demolition debris?

The first step is to determine whether your construction and demolition debris can be recycled. Some of the recyclable construction debris materials include concrete, asphalt, drywall or sheetrock, dirt, bricks, crushed rock, wood, metal, and roofing. The recycling process depends on the type of construction material.

With the help of our professional team, a customized recycling program is created just for you to ensure that your construction projects run efficiently and that your materials are put to their best use again.

In order to make it simple to stay compliant and efficient while tracking your efforts and earning points toward LEED® certification, we have established advanced sorting and diversion initiatives.

Where can I drop off construction debris?

In the United States, DTG Recycle has several drop-off locations where you can dispose of your construction debris. For your convenience, you can rent a roll off dumpster so we can deliver the dumpster container to your location and pick it up once you’re done filling it up with your construction debris.

Which roll off dumpster size do I need for my construction project?

We provide dumpsters in a wide range of sizes including a 10 yard dumpster, a 20 to 25 yard dumpster, a 30 to 35 yard dumpster and a 40 to 45 yard dumpster. The debris type and volume you will be producing will determine the size of roll-off dumpster you require. A 40 yard dumpster is normally recommended for bigger scale construction projects. However, you can always contact our support team so we can help you rent the ideal dumpster size for your cleanout needs.