Boy Scouts and DTG team up on Christmas tree recycling

Mill Creek – January 10, 2018 — DTG Enterprises, Inc. worked with Boy Scout troops in Redmond on a Christmas tree recycling community service project at its Redmond site, 8504 192nd Ave. N.E., last weekend, servicing Greater Seattle. The scouts collected donations for assisting the community with tree pick-ups and drop-offs, and DTG waived all recycling and disposal fees.  “As a recycler, we feel it is important to support the scouts and the community with reducing waste and saving energy,” said Michael Sheldon, DTG vice president and general manager. “It’s a ‘two-fer’ because we get to help support the commendable Boy Scouts and we get to do what we love and do well — recycle.”

Scoutmaster Kevin Kelly and his son Holden Kelly during last weekend’s tree recycling event. Courtesy of Shelby Anderson


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