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As a plastic distributor, it is vital for us to move toward a more circular economy for plastic. Finding recycling solutions for our customers is a challenge as I see more recycling centers do not live up to sustainable plastic waste recovery methods. Thankfully, I found Ryan Jackman with DTG Enterprises who can do it all. Now we are able to support our customers by diverting waste from the landfills by converting it into fuel and creating new products with recyclable materials. Instead of focusing on resources alone, they address a broader scope of the integration of social, economic, and environmental value which is important to us.
– Liane Soohoo, Calsak Plastics

I have been working for DTG Recycle for 3 years. I recently went through some life struggles and this company supported me through it all. By providing steady, year-round work, I was able to have a purpose to wake up for every morning. My co-workers are respectful and we look out for each other’s health and safety, on and off the clock. I want to thank DTG Recycle for being there for me while I get my life back on track.
– John Williams, Woodinville Facility
When you work for a private, family-owned company like DTG, you’re not just an employee, you’re family. Ever since my first day on the job they have made me feel welcome.
– Lorena Rosas, Dispatch
Since 2009 I have been an employee for DTG. I’ve watched DTG grow over the years, it has been an exciting journey to be a part of. I love doing a job that helps protect and preserve our environment for future generations.
– Paul Jerome, Environmental Health and Safety Manager
DTG Recycle ise able to provide the documentation required for our large commercial projects, especially when uniformity is a huge requirement. Locations, people, cost, recycling rates, and reporting – all our documentation being uniform makes us much more efficient.
– Chip Burgess, GLY Construction – Yard Operations
I am proud to say that DTG Recycle offers secure employment opportunities to applicants with diverse backgrounds.
– Christina S., Former Employee 
Working for DTG Recycle has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has provided me the opportunity to provide financial stability to my family without having to sacrifice the time I enjoy with my family.
– Tom W., CFO