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I have been working for DTG Recycle for 3 years. I recently went through some life struggles and this company supported me through it all. By providing steady, year-round work, I was able to have a purpose to wake up for every morning. My co-workers are respectful and we look out for each other’s health and safety, on and off the clock. I want to thank DTG Recycle for being there for me while I get my life back on track.
– John Williams, Woodinville Facility

When you work for a private, family-owned company like DTG, you’re not just an employee, you’re family. Ever since my first day on the job they have made me feel welcome.
– Lorena Rosas, Dispatch
Since 2009 I have been an employee for DTG. I’ve watched DTG grow over the years, it has been an exciting journey to be a part of. I love doing a job that helps protect and preserve our environment for future generations.
– Paul Jerome, Environmental Health and Safety Manager
DTG Recycle ise able to provide the documentation required for our large commercial projects, especially when uniformity is a huge requirement. Locations, people, cost, recycling rates, and reporting – all our documentation being uniform makes us much more efficient.
– Chip Burgess, GLY Construction – Yard Operations
I am proud to say that DTG Recycle offers secure employment opportunities to applicants with diverse backgrounds.
– Christina S., Former Employee 
Working for DTG Recycle has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has provided me the opportunity to provide financial stability to my family without having to sacrifice the time I enjoy with my family.
– Tom W., CFO