DTG Recycle accepts a variety of construction site and demolition materials that will be recycled into new or reused products. Our trained staff safely sorts through the materials and organizes all of them into the correct containers so that each type of material can be recycled properly. 

We believe that disposing of building debris is an important issue facing the construction and demolition industry and that "green building" is an essential element to better building practices. Utilizing recycled materials in new construction reduces costs and eliminates the majority of building waste which would otherwise be added to our regional landfills.

The benefits of recycling include lowering the amount of waste in landfills and requiring less energy to create new products. Recycling also helps reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and can reduce CO2 emissions by 95%. In theory, recycling allows materials to be continually reused for the same purpose, or to be re-engineered into completely new products.

During our daily mission of helping to protect the environment, we strive to care for our customers with the same passion. Our goal is to make your visit convenient and efficient. To do so, We support L.E.E.D., a program by the United States Green Building Council and BUILT GREEN of Washington State, a cooperative effort to promote Green Building practices.